Celebrating Over 40 Years of Corporate Success as RF Products, Inc.

Now 100 years in the RF tuning business in Camden!


You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a company by its catalogs! In these few pages, we show some of our catalog covers and pictures from the past that span more than 60 years and bear witness to our 90+ year tradition of dedication to our craft and customers.

The 1920s:

RF Products in the 1920s
  • An earthquake rocked Japan and radio took on the load of a broken trans-Pacific cable
  • The MacMillan Expedition became icebound in the Bowdoin and spent long Arctic nights listening to concert broadcasts from the USA
  • A radio amateur made the first trans-Atlantic contact, and the “short wave” era was underway
  • Sales of the entire radio industry reached $45 million and one-half million sets
  • RCC provided RF tuning component parts and subassemblies to most of the radio manufacturers
  • In 1921 We began as Radio Condenser Corp. (RCC) in Camden, NJ
  • We began to provide Air variable capacitors, antenna couplers, Transmit modules, RF tuners, oscillators, cavity wavemeters, etc. for military and commercial use

The 1950s:

1953 Radio Condenser Company
By 1953 Radio Condenser Company had grown to 4 plants making RF tuners for:
  • Most of the radio manufacturers
  • Most of the home large cabinet radios
  • Most of the military radios
  • New tabletop radios, portable radios, clock radios, and even FM
  • Over a third of all automobile radios including push-button and manual
  • The newest dynamic surge in the electronic industry – Television; both VHF and UHF

The 1960s:

1961 RCC was purchased by TRW
In 1961 RCC was purchased by TRW:
  • Becomes part of TRW Electronic Components Division (7 plants across North America)
  • Camden becomes division headquarters
  • Camden produces RF modules for many military radios including ARC-27, ARC-34, ARC-50/90, PRC-25/77, VRC-12, WLR-6, SRC-27, SRC-31, SRC-503, WRR-2, SRR-19, etc.

The 1970s:

TRW won the contract to supply all UHF filters
In the early 1970s:
  • Solid state broadband amplifiers replaced vacuum tube amplifiers and increased interference problems
  • TRW developed first VHF and UHF tunable filters and multicouplers to solve cosite interference & antenna population problems
  • TRW won the contract to supply all UHF filters and multicouplers on the E-3 AWACS aircraft
RF Products defining a radio communications system
In 1979 we were reborn as RF Products, INC.
  • Camden facility & military tunable filter and multicoupler product line bought by TRW management team (General Manager, Financial Manager, and Engineering Manager)
  • Specializes in solving VHF and UHF cosite interference and antenna population problems in military air, sea, and ground-based platforms: highest quality source for Mil-Qualified tunable filters and multicouplers
  • RF Products wins NAVELEX contract to supply UHF multicouplers for USN fleetwide use

The 1980s:

RF Products defining a radio communications system
1984: Continued Success in Mil-Qualified tunable filters and Multicouplers for Military Use.
  • High Volume multi-year production for fleetwide use in the US and many Navies worldwide.
  • High Volume multi-year production for VHF and UHF manually tuned multicouplers for USAF Rivet Switch Program.
RF Products defining a radio communications system
1986: The world’s most complete product line of Mil-Qualified tunable filters and multicouplers.
  • More new aircraft and ships and upgraded existing platforms use RF Products’ Filters and Multicouplers.
  • E-8 Joint STARS aircraft and E-9 aircraft contracts won.

The 1990s:

RF Products defining a radio communications system
1992: We continue firmly established as a world leader in our filter and multicoupler product line. Begin building active and passive functions into our multicoupler subsystem boxes:
  • Increasing package densities
  • Improving overall RF performance
  • Reducing total size, weight, and cost of RF distribution systems

The 2000s:

RF Products defining a radio communications system
2012: We’ve completed yet another evolution in our 90+ years long RF tuning tradition while keeping in step with advancements both in transceiver technologies and in military communications systems’ mission requirements.
  • 90+ years of engineering know-how and RF Intellectual Property enables us to use the best of legacy and new technologies in RF tuning
  • From tunable filters and multicouplers up through complete RF Distribution Systems, RF Products arranges and combines radio transmit and receive signals for maximum effect
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